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About Us

Created by travel aficionados

The development of Neckpacker started already years ago, long before the introduction of the first competitive travel jackets. It’s been tested by the real “travel aficionados”, people who travel long journeys on regular basis.

We all have traveled a lot for business and for holidays. On planes, trains, cars whenever. While traveling, we have found that there isn’t yet a product on the market that would make the journey comfortable enough.

We started to develop a product according to our needs. The most important feature for a good rest is, that the head remains supported during the sleep, and at the same time, it is comfortably resting against a soft surface. Secondly, a feature that allows your passport, travel tickets and other important objects remain accessible during the trip, making also the security checks easier.

We are very pleased with our product. The development of the concept took over three years and we were granted a patent for it.

We really hope and believe that our products will help to make traveling more comfortable for everybody!


Mikko Nisula

Niklas Kuusela